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Mon, Dec. 3rd- Intro/2 body paragraphs should be DONE; Penny article, NoRedInk Quiz (due Tues)

Tues, Dec. 4th- begin 3rd body paragraph today; DUE TUES!

Wed, Dec. 5th- Conclusion paragraph; due Thurs!

Thurs, Dec. 6th- Peer edit; all paragraphs need to be DONE by Friday!

Fri, Dec. 7th- Catch up/typing day


Mon, Dec. 10th- Read DWA articles/annotate; no homework

Tues, Dec. 11th- Read DWA articles/annotate; no homework

Wed, Dec. 12th- Begin writing DWA; no homework

Thurs, Dec. 13th- Finish DWA; no homework 

Fri, Dec. 14th- QAVTC Visit (2-5th hrs.) no homework 




Mon, Nov. 27th-  Begin argumentative essays; write intro paragraph- DUE TUES

Tues, Nov. 28th- citation lesson;  wksheet DUE WED

Wed, Nov. 29th- body paragraph #1, DUE THURS

Thurs, Nov. 30th- body paragraph #2, DUE FRI

Fri, Dec. 1st- catch up day; INTRO and 2 BODY PARAGRAPHS are DUE today!! 

Mon, Nov. 12th- argumentative papers with evidence; examples; graphic organizer done in class, finish for homework if not completed during class

Tues, Nov. 13th- NoRedInk sentence structure practice/quiz (due Thurs)

Wed, Nov. 14th- counter claim/citation mini lessons- no homwork 

Thurs, Nov. 15th- NoRedInk compound sentences practice/quiz (due next Tues)

Fri, Nov. 16th- begin discussing DWA articles/revisions- no homework 

Mon, Oct. 29th- Finish the "Newsies"; discuss power of the press; no homework

Tues, Oct. 30th- "Monster for Sale" persuasive writing activity; due to present tomorrow 

Wed, Oct. 31st- present "Monster for Sale" monsters 

Thurs, Nov. 1st- NoRedInk assignment online; due next Tues.

Fri, Nov. 2nd- Begin Persuasive/Argurmentive writing unit; intro activity; no homework 


Mon, Nov. 5th- Choosing evidence mini-lesson

Tues, Nov. 6th- "Real World" writing; read articles for Wed.

Wed, Nov. 7th- Arguements with no evidence mini-lesson; Philosophical Chair activity

Thurs, Nov. 8th- 1/2 day- Parent/Teacher Conferences 

Fri, Nov. 9th- No School- Parent/Teacher Conferences

Monday, Oct. 22nd- Finsh podcast/notes/discuss; no homework

Tues, Oct. 23rd- Begin "Newsies" research; no homework

Wed, Oct. 24th- Continue "Newsies" research

Thurs, Oct. 25th- Watch "Newsies"; take notes on movie question page

Fri, Oct. 26th- Finish "Newsies"; take notes on movie question page 

ALL JOURNALS AND NoRedInk Assignments are due this week!!! End of quarter is Friday!!! :) 

Mon, Oct. 15th- Capitalization packet

Tues, Oct. 16th- NoRedInk "Commonly Misused Words" Part 1 AND Quiz

Wed, Oct. 17th- Investigative Journalism podcast; graphic organizers to fill out while listening

Thurs, Oct. 18th- NoRedInk catch up day (anything that isn't done yet, get turned in by Friday! End of quarter is next week! :)

Fri, Oct. 19th- Finish Investigative Journalism podcast and turn in graphic organizers 

Mon, October 8th- NO SCHOOL

Tues, October 9th- present persuasive speeches

Wed, October 10th- present persuasive speeches

Thurs, October 11th- NoRedInk Capitalization- Part 2 & quiz (due next Tues)

Fri, October 12th- 5Ws QUIZ (study journalism handout and know your 5Ws and how to pick them out of article!!!)

Mon, October 1st-  begin persuasive speeches; pick topic by end of hour today

Tues, October 2nd- research persuasive speech facts (must have four)

Wed, October 3rd- Begin writing persuasive speech; DUE MONDAY!!! 

Thurs, October 4th/Fri, October 5th- NO SCHOOL DUE to Quincy CONFERENCE!!


Monday, August 27th-  finish your "brick" and begin bio poem; BRING a pic of yourself & any magazines (for clippings) for Tuesday

Tuesday, August 28th- work on bio poems/construct poem

Wednesday, August 29th- work on bio poems /construct  poem & presentation 

Thursday, August 30th- finish up bio poems and present to class

Friday, August 31st- finish presentations 


Monday, Sept 3rd- NO SCHOOL!! Labor Day

Tuesday, Sept 4th-   We are starting the District Writing Assessment.  Read & annotate article #1 in class

Wednesday, Sept 5th-  Read & annotate article #2 in class

Thursday, Sept 6th- Read & annotate article #3 in class

Friday, Sept 7th-  MAP TESTING DAY 1


Monday, 9/10- MAP Testing

Tuesday, 9/11- MAP Testing;   NO RED INK assignment 

Wednesday, 9/12- Finish DWA; play dough activitiy 

Thursday, 9/13- Begin Investigative Journalism Unit; notes; 3 questions for guest speaker 

Friday, 9/14- KHQA guest speaker 


Mon, 9/17- real news vs. fake news; no homework

Tues, 9/18- 5W's; homework- No Red Ink assignment & complete article worksheet

Wed, 9/19- Observing our surroundings activity; no homework 

Thurs, 9/20- "Sparkle" words; No Red Ink assignment 

Fri, 9/21- Author's tone; no homework 


Mon, 9/24- Making a good lead sentence; no homework

Tues, 9/25- Begin rough draft; No Red Ink assignment

Wed, 9/26- Continue rough draft; no homework

Thurs, 9/27- No Red Ink assignment

Fri, 9/28- Peer edit rough drafts